Monday, 16 May 2011

And the winner isssssssss

Congratulations to

Chosen by at number 5 on my spreadsheet.

Will email you now and you can send me your details

Sorry to everyone else who entered but there are plenty still available at a great price if you would like to order please let me know.



  1. wow thank you, Im away for a look at colours

  2. still waiting on this prize and getting no response to e-mails....very annoying

  3. Just an update ladies, Supergran actually only sent me one email before she left this comment and the prize had been sent. I responded as soon as I realised there was an issue via twitter

    I am a bit upset that my give away, done out of goodness and appreciation for my followers, was so clearly not appreciated by the winner who instead of perhaps inquiring if all was ok left a snotty remark on my blog and an extremely abrupt email.

    I have had an extremely busy stressful and at time upsetting few weeks and it has quite hurt me the reaction I have received to this give away.

    I wish some people would be more considerate and appreciative.

  4. Where does she think she is? EBAY?
    She sounds like she's leaving 'feedback'.....

    Some people are never happy! Its not like she paid for it or anything. You did it to say thank you to people and then people say things like that. Very ungrateful!